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Kel Yowm Bi Yowmou

Kl Yowm Bi Yowmou is a talk show in Arabic Language hosted every weekday by Hala Haddad.
The show discusses various topics, including political, social and economical.
The show also shatters light on the current events going on through out the country.

Monday, Wedesndays and Thursdays are devoted for the social and the economical aspect of the show where Hala hosts guests in the topic of the show, while Tuesdays are pure political where the show totally discusses political current issues in the country.
On Friday “Kl Yowm Bi Yowmou” changes its name into “Waafe w Mawaaf” in which the host, Hala Haddad discusses various current and trivial topics from the lens of a critic to rise awareness in the audiances through sarcasm and humor.

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